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Global sanctions guide

Welcome to our first global sanctions guide.

Over the past few years, as international sanctions have become one of the critical areas of risk for international businesses, there has also been a corresponding increase in their complexity.

Having worked in the global sanctions compliance team for one of the largest banks in the world, I often wanted to have a compendium of practical information on sanctions applicable to our international locations. Such a guide did not exist. This guide has been developed to bridge that gap.

Our aim in formulating the guide has been to provide anyone working in the sanctions space with the critical information they need to deal with day to day sanctions issues, from which regimes are covered, to who the regulator(s) is/are.

As sanctions constantly evolve, it is not practical to set out each regime’s specific laws/regulations on sanctions. For that, we are available to advise on any specific issue you or your firm may have.

In the meantime, we do hope you find the guide of benefit to you or your team(s) and welcome any feedback you may have on its future development.

Zia Ullah

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‘Zia Ullah and the Eversheds Sutherland team have worked with the BBA in delivering sanctions training to our members for over 4 years now and the launch of their inaugural global sanctions guide is a welcome development for our membership and the wider corporate world as we enter into a new era of sanctions compliance’ – Justine Walker, Director of Financial Crime, The British Bankers’ Association

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“The information contained on this site is intended as a guide only.  Whilst the information it contains is believed to be correct, it is not a substitute for appropriate legal advice.  Eversheds Sutherland can take no responsibility for actions taken based on the information contained in this document.”


Global Sanctions Guide

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